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Spa Hot Tub Cover - FAQ's


What are the signs that our existing spa hot tub cover has come to the end of it's life span?

The main signs are:

a) Your cover is getting heavy
b) Your cover has puddles of water on the top
c) The heater / pump are always on keeping the water warm
d) The underside of your cover has gone rough


Our tub is costing a fortune to run / our electric bill has gone through the roof.

If your cover has come to the end of it's life it will have lost the best part of it's insulation properties. Don't forget many older tubs did not come with good insulation inside the cabinet. Maybe a roll of rockwool would help, but do not cover the pumps with insulation they need to be able to cool down when running.


Where do we take the measurements from for the new cover - the existing cover or the outside of the spa shell?

It is better for the cover to be slightly larger than slightly smaller. Add an inch or two (2 to 5cm) if you are not sure.


Is the taper what I will get on my cover?

Lets assume a type 3 cover. The insulation boards come to us in sheet sizes 2400 x 1200mm with a taper 150 to 75mm. However most covers are not this maximum size. So lets assume your cover is 2100 x 2100mm at this size of cover the taper would be 150 to 90mm (approx) with the remaining 100mm going to waste.



To help reduce your electric bill as much as possible take a side panel off the cabinet and have a look inside, if there are any air gaps fill these with rockwool or a similar material. Do not cover the pumps as these need to cool when running.


Do you supply your covers outside the UK?

Yes for our EU spa and hot tub covers website click here